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 Post subject: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:10 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am
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Its time for your vacation and you are traveling. You need a Budget Hotel in Jodhpur You want to see India in its many splendors. This time you have decided on Rajasthan. So, you are spending your Holiday In Jodhpur. Whether you are an international or domestic tourist, if you want an Economy accommodation in Jodhpur, Residency Palace is where your search for classy, comfortable and affordable Budget Hotel at Jodhpur.

However, The frequent visitors of our Jodhpur Budget Hotel could able to explain about us in detail………

we’ll offer you three-star comforts at our Jodhpur Budget Hotels Economy Accommodation at ridiculously low prices in other way we say Cheap Accommodation in Jodhpur.

Combining international standards of service, with the world famous, traditional Indian hospitality, Hotel Residency palace one of the Best Budget Hotel in Jodhpur will give the traveler - the best of both worlds.

….And no, affordable rates does not mean a compromise on quality....

You’ll get all the necessary services you could expect from a three-star hotel in Jodhpur. At

Hotel Residency Palace, Best Budget Hotel of Jodhpur

We are not different in what we do but we are certainly different in how we (Budget Hotel in Jodhpur}do it.

What makes us special is…our Economy Accommodation in Jodhpur and warmth, traditional values and a typical Indian charm are A rare mix, We bring both together for you at one of the Jodhpur best budget hotel experience All Inclusive in Jodhpur.

We have a saying in India, “Atithi Devo Bhava” or Our Guest is Our God. We make that happen at Jodhpur Economy hotel and this age-old, time-honored maxim is the core of our hospitality culture, especially for Jodhpur Hotels – The Blue City Hotels. We are not entirely sure where the saying originated, but if it was today’s, we would guess that whoever said it had spent at least a day at Hotel Residency Palace one of the Best Budget Hotel in Jodhpur. Where you will get Cheap, Economy Accommodation in Jodhpur

As you have probably already guessed, with us, the guest and their comforts are been taken care at our Jodhpur Economy Hotel.

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 Post subject: Re: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:13 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am
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Hotel Residency Palace: Staying Here Is Like Being A Guest In Your Own Home.

Yes, we know you’ve heard these claims before… tall claims as it may have turned out. Everyone seems to have a catchy phrase or witty jingle to make them look like the real McCoy.

We understand, it is difficult for you to sort out the grain from the chaff ...

find the right hotel --The one hotel that will give you Bed N Break Fast and a great service out of a crowd of lousy service providers.

If you are one of our numerous previous guests you are probably nodding in agreement with our claims.....

..that we are the most guest-friendly & Economy Hotel in Jodhpur.

But if it’s first time of your Holiday in Jodhpur , you don’t have to take us at our word, just believe your own eyes. We don’t just speak, we show you the practical Proof when you step in to our Jodhpur Budget Hotel. Something that other Budget hotels in jodhpur can’t, they would …if they could…….

Now you know -- we aren’t just blowing our own trumpets, our guests blow them for us too…don’t you think we should call them “raving hotel fans” rather than calling them “satisfied hotel guest”, ?

If you want -- the international or the domestic traveler whoever you might be –

The best of both worlds.
The necessary services that you may expect at any three-star establishment.
Services and amenities that may have been promised but not delivered in your previous Jodhpur Budget Hotels experience, even at higher prices.
And, most importantly, our own personal warmth, our traditional values and a typical Indian charm of our most popular Budget Hotel in Jodhpur.
All in all, the Best Jodhpur Budget Hotel experience in the Blue City.

All you have to do is, drop us a line and let our reservation desk angel take care of the nitty-gritty for you while you chill in your sweet home or take care of work at the office. Or, you could Book Jodhpur Hotel Online

We have built up a reputation as an affordable and dependable Best Discount Budget hotel in Jodhpur, providing unusual Jodhpur luxury Hotels at unprecedented prices. Our reputation, we are proud to say, is hard earned over a decade in the hospitality business, and it stands solidly on your satisfaction and contentment, of our Jodhpur Best Budget Hotel, like the thousands of guests before you, you leave us with a sense of Cheap Hotel at Jodhpur, of having had a wonderful experience in this wonderful land; if you carry away memories of experiencing warmth, luxury, and comfort, in short, a feeling of total satisfaction with your Jodhpur Holiday trip at Cheap Hotel of Jodhpur, then we will consider our job as well done.

Then, you will be added to our Jodhpur Best Budget Hotel long list of satisfied “friends”…oops…raving fans...

 Post subject: Re: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:14 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am
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What Are Your Options, You Ask?
You would like to know, quite naturally, what kind of Hotel Accommodation at Jodhpur we can offer you. Well, we’ll let you choose from a range of spacious & well appointed rooms, Twenty two Super Deluxe, one Luxury Suite and one family suit. In short, we have a perfect assortment and can offer you a comfortable Cheap Accommodation in Jodhpur with wide choice in a matter of expense and specious.

Class, Understated Elegance And Comforts of Jodhpur Cheap Accommodation; The Hallmarks Of Our Economy Hotel Accommodation in Jodhpur.

Being a Economy Hotel in Jodhpur We’ve made sure, in the best hospitality tradition, that your rooms are clean, comfortable, and tastefully decorated to meet Jodhpur Luxury Hotels, while we went about adding functional design features and simple, elegant fittings to improve the looks. It’s an added advantage to our Blue City Budget “Hotel” Residency Palace

We have made sure of ….All Inclusive in Jodhpur

ü enough sunlight, air circulation and proper housekeeping care to keep your room fresh, odorless and clean.

ü Clean, laundered and fresh fragrance crisp linen that you won’t even notice, unless you think about it. In short, everything that we do to ensure you to have a comfortable and Economy Accommodation in Jodhpur, coupled with exclusive amenities and furnishing. Gives an elegance of Jodhpur Luxury Hotels

A Walk-Through Our Blue City Hotels Economy Accommodation

As you enter, probably noticing the chime of the muted door bell, the attached bathroom is on your right while the room opens straight ahead. Each bathroom is well lit and perfectly appointed with sparkling clean bath, WC and wash basin. It’s the luxury of a Economy Hotel in Jodhpur

We’ve given you a full length mirror in front of the bathroom so you can check outfit is just right as you head off to that all-important meeting. It’s the charm of Budget Hotel in Jodhpur

For the ladies heading out to power meetings or elsewhere, we have thought to provide a special stool so you can sit down at the mirror while you put on your face instead of having to stand and lean in. it’s the comfort of Best Accommodation in Jodhpur There is ample wardrobe space for your clothes and even your suitcase, and enough space for your cases on the luggage rack as well.

As the room opens up before you, you will notice all our attention to detail, right down to the two extremely artistic wastebaskets! Which indicates Heritage Hotels of Jodhpur Yes, that’s right; we have not scrimped even on those. A Cozy Comfortable Accommodation in Jodhpur desktop makes writing those picture postcards and ‘wish you were here’ letters. Comfortable enough chairs to relax your self after a visit of Jodhpur Attractions without any sound pollution. Which gives luxuries feel at Best Budget Hotel in Jodhpur

For pleasant evening tea time we have provided couple of comfortable chairs with a small tea table, which makes you feel rich when you are with your friends or while having important business meet ! that’s the comfortable Budget Hotel Accommodation at Jodhpur

We Play “behind the scenes” roll for you to be comfortable while you are on Holiday Trip in Jodhpur. Our most concerned to you is you are with one of the Best Budget Hotel in Jodhpur. So you should carry back home the memorable moments of your Holiday Trip of Jodhpur.

Change your Mood with Lighting

We have provided two wonderful marble candles, either you are a romantic couple or a honeymoon couple . once you Lit the candles, the candles make your room more even romantic in other words it would be your dream world. That’s the Best Budget hotel of Jodhpur

Large arched windows allows the early morning sunlight to make your mood fresh through out the day, our Jodhpur Economy Accommodation fancy window cartons makes your Accommodation in Jodhpur dark and gives cozy feel.

We Focus on Your Comforts in Jodhpur

Our rooms are designed according to our guest comforts starting from the A .C, linen, night lighting and even the towels! We provide Cheap Accommodation in Jodhpur still Each and every thing that is provided for your use has been especially created and compiled to give you three star comforts at our Jodhpur Economy Hotel

We use an exclusive linen on the more than comfortable mattress, and tasteful artistic furnishings so that your room is exclusive which makes you feel at home being here for Jodhpur Holiday Trip. We have acquired special quality towels to ensure softness also skin friendly.

And The Usual And Not So Usual Perks

All most all of our rooms command a breathtaking view of the fort, the palace and the city of Jodhpur. Which is giving you a romantic and historic feel . We also provide: An in house hairdresser, Round the clock, efficient and courteous room service, Telephone, express laundry delivered on the same day laundry / Dry Cleaning services are also available for your comfort at our Jodhpur Best Budget Hotel

 Post subject: Re: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:16 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am
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There Can't Be Good Living Where There Is Not Good Drinking. -- Benjamin Franklin.
RELAX…we provide both…

You must have red in history books about Nawabs, In here we might not able to show you the nawabs but the royalty of Nawabs we can make you feel. That is the greatedt thing about our Budget hotel of Jodhpur

If you have a dream of visiting the nawabs Land, We Residency Palace The Economy Hotel in Jodhpur makes it happen dream may suddenly seem like a reality as you walk through the doors of our Economy Accommodation of Jodhpur. Also we have a forty by eighty feet oasis in the middle of the desert, it can instantly transform you back to the glory days of our past. The days of maharajas and royal pomp, of courtly life and splendor.

The Logistics Of Intoxication

Most of the Jodhpur visitors say that our fifth floor spacious and luxurious space capable of seating up to fifty people in muted comfort. Numerous guests have commended us on the strategically placed exhaust fans that draw out the smoke and make sure that you enjoy your drink in a fresh fragrance space. Good lighting and the accessories – from period inspired sofa designs to the ornate ash trays – have consciously and consistently maintained a historical feel. Cooled by four heavy duty air conditioners, it ensures total comfort while you relax.

What do English Butlers, Royal Servers, and Our Bar Staff have in common?

Everyone has read stories or seen films featuring the perfect English Butler. Unobtrusive, hardly noticeable, but always ready with what you need exactly when you need it. Legends tell of servers at royal table so discreet and efficient that guests often forgot their existence and found it almost miraculous that they had everything they could need without any wait at all. We are proud to say that our bar staff belong in the same class. You will always have enough privacy for your conversations while never having to wait too long or raise your voice when you want a refill or some other service.

The far horizons

The windows overlook a fantastic view of the city, of Jodhpur palace and the fort. Enjoy your favorite tipple looking out at the far horizons and the historic heritage, or, if you like, ask the staff to close the heavy drapes and enjoy the close coziness and comfort.

No jukebox…. Better

We are proud to say we do not have a jukebox. What we do have, however, is a fabulous music system and a great collection of music…. And yes, we take requests.

So, welcome to a royal experience. Wind down with us and let us steal away the cares of a long day. Enjoy the atmosphere and the music, not to mention our extensive range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

 Post subject: Re: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:17 pm 

Joined: Sat Jan 05, 2008 3:52 am
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Rajasthan, the land of princes and warriors, romance and history,

Cultural and Architectural Heritages are one of the richest in our country and they stands out; even in the rich mélange that is India. It is replete with an astounding richness of costumes, music, palaces, forts, folk arts and crafts. All these you will get to see only at Jodhpur the Blue City. We provide the Economy Accommodation in Jodhpur for the Visitors of Jodhpur

A rich history, royal and feudal traditions, and an abundance of stories of star crossed love, promises to capture, and hold your interest. It is a rare person who does not leave here completely charmed and enraptured.

Jodhpur is a fairly good representation of these qualities.

Rajasthan’s second largest city, Jaipur being the largest, it is a settlement at the edge of Their, the desert that makes up most of this fabulous state. Founded by Rao Jodha in 1459, it was once the capital and control centre of a kingdom with almost 80 thousand square miles in area, and enormous power.

The history of Jodhpur is like an epic saga, filled with courage and chivalry, chock-full of inspiring tales of huge battles and courageous Rajputs. It is full of politically motivated weddings and selfless sacrifice.

To ensure that you can enjoy this rich land in its fullness, steep yourself in its splendor and its mystery, make us your base, and take off every morning into new flights of fancy and color. A kaleidoscope of experiences, that culminates each night in a return to your temporary haven.

We will take care of not just the nitty-gritty of your daily comfort and relaxation, but also help you deal with the logistics of your daily exploration on your Business trips or seeing on Jodhpur Attractions. India, the land of sadhus, snake charmers, history, romance and religion, can be a culture shock to foreign tourists and confusing to negotiate for foreign and Indian travelers We provide all the facilities which are very common are like Bed and breakfast at Jodhpur or Cheap Accommodation at Jodhpur alike. This is where we step in .

We assist you to plan and convenient execute travel arrangements, we also assist you to fine trustworthy people to guide you through Jodhpur Attractions experience, and we guide you to the best places to shop for souvenirs. We arrange for the right dose of history to be available enhancing your sight-seeing, not drowning you in unnecessary facts all the while. We’ll make sure you leave us with wonderful memories of your stay at our Best Budget Hotel of Jodhpur, and enriched by the history and culture of the land.

What should I see in and around Jodhpur?



Jodhpur isn't nearly as well laid out as Jaipur is. Winding and narrow streets and an absence of street signs can make navigation difficult for the outsider. That is why we recommend that you take a guide or a local person along on your in-Blue City Trips.

The walled city known as old Jodhpur lies surrounded by a 9.5 km wall, eight gates and 101 bastions. The most important are Jalori Gate and Sojati Gate, to the south, surrounded by busy commercial centers. It is a maze of narrow almost labyrinthine streets that are deceptively easy to get lost in.

Some of the houses and temples have marvelous, rich carvings in red sandstone. Many of the newer houses are painted the distinctive indigo, a color that has come to uniquely identify Jodhpur. The new city spreads and sprawls out from the south and the east of the old city. The railway station is along the Station Road, to the southwest of Sojati Gate. Station Road, like most such roads around railway stations everywhere, is lined with cheap restaurants & Cheap Accommodation in Jodhpur.

High Court Road: where our one of the Best Budget Hotel in Jodhpur situated, is the main east-west avenue. It begins at Sojati Gate, going past Umaid Gardens and the Tourist Reception Centre, and runs all the way to the Raika Bagh Railway Station, which is also where the bus stand is. Nai Sadak (literally, New Road) leads from the Gate to the centre of Jodhpur, marked by the Tower. Along this road, is the major shopping and market areas like the Sadar Bazaar. The city also has the famous and grand Meherangarh Fort and Jaswant Thada. They tower over the city, and are visible from pretty much all parts of it.

Places of Interest:

Meherangarh Fort

One of the most seen landmarks in the city, it is surrounded by the Sadar Bazaar, and has a rich atmosphere, associated in all minds with typical eastern markets. It teems with life, fragrances, colors, noise. It is clearly discernible from the magnificent Meherangarh fort.

Kunjebehari Temple and Raj Mahal garden palace

The Kunjebehari temple is dedicated to lord Krishna and, like the Raj Mahal garden palace, situated on the banks of the Gulab Sagar Lake, to the east of the Fort.

Umaid Gardens
The Umaid gardens are well planned, neatly laid-out and well maintained and a pleasant place for a stroll. The Sadar Government Museum is here, with its collection of sculptures, weaponry, taxidermy and wooden biplane models. The gardens also contain the zoo and the library.

 Post subject: Re: Residency Palace Jodhpur
PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 6:43 am 

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Thanks for the offer, i will consider it if I ever been to this place, keep posting

Manchester Airport Hotels

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